Celebrities and Their Pets Fashion Show

fokopoint-3818 Celebrities and Their Pets Fashion Show

The Celebrities and Their Pets Fashion Show was a featured entertainment segment at The Hawaii Woman Expo on September 7 and 8 at The Blaisdell Exhibition Hall. Hawaiian Celebrities with their pets walked the runway, and the twist to this special event is that the Celebrities were not the ones wearing the fashions; their pets were the ones dressed in designer outfits.

The purpose of this unique fashion show was to bring awareness to pet adoption and encourage volunteerism and foster homes for dogs and cats at the Oahu SPCA. Representatives from the organization were in attendance to provide information on how to adopt a lovable pet from The Oahu SPCA or how to be a foster family to a homeless dog. At this event, Celebrities proudly walked or carried their pets on the runway and showed the audience how wonderful it is to have a pet as a member of your family.

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A fashion show would not be complete without great clothing. The Pet Corner at Ward Warehouse provided the cutest doggie fashions for this special event. Libbie at The Pet Corner has been extremely supportive of The Oahu SPCA and during the past two years, she has been successful in finding adoptive families for over 200 of the Oahu SPCA dogs and cats.

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Al Waterson was the emcee for this special event and Celebrities and VIPs in the entertainment industry including Jordan Segundo (Hawaii’s First “American Idol” Contestant) will walk the runway.

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The Hawaii Woman Expo is available at www.hawaiiwomanexpo.com and more information about the Oahu SPCA can be found at www.oahuspca.org

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