Chinese New Year Pole Jumping at Ala Moana Center

2019 is the “Year of the Dog” and Ala Moana Center in Honolulu featured performances from Chinese Lion Dance Assocation, Chinese Physical Culture Association, Hawaii Lion Dance Association, Gee Yung Martial Arts, Koko Head Martial Arts Academy, Lung Kong Physical Culture Association, and the Wah Ngai Lion Dance Association

Also known as the Lunar New Year, Chinese New Year is an important centuries-old tradition that is widely celebrated in the Hawaiian Islands. On Friday February the 2nd, the Wah Ngai Lion Dance Association performed at the Centerstage of Ala Moana Center.

The highlight of the event was the Pole Jumping by the two dancers inside a lion costume. The lion had to carefully jump a series of poles at the beat of the drum music, while being watched by hundreds of spectators at the Ala Moana Center

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