Korean Festival 2019

The 17th Annual Korean Festival was held on August 10, 2019 at Victoria Ward Park in Honolulu. The Korean Festival is one of Hawaii’s longest running ethnic festivals. This annual festival unites the Hawaiian Korean community as more than 500 volunteers representing more than 40 Korean and other local organizations come out to support the event. Over 25,000 Hawai’i residents and visitors attended this year’s Korean Festival. Net proceeds were used to improve the Korean community as well as the Hawaiian community as a whole through trade and tourism missions, support of business-friendly legislation, student scholarships, free seminars regarding personal finance for senior citizens and immigrants, taxation and business regulations and other community outreach and service projects.

The Korean Festival featured food booths serving a variety of Korean dishes and a variety of craft vendors. Korean cultural displays, Korean traditional games, a Korean photo booth and more were featured at this event. The entertainment stage featured a variety of Korean entertainers and dance groups – both from Hawaii and Korea. A free KPOP concert at the festival included headliners by by Ladies Code and eSNa. The concert was from 7pm through 8pm. There were two fastest eating contests featuring Kim Chee and Jajangmyeon (Korean noodle). The 17th Annual Korean Festival was free to enter, and scripts for food and souvenir purchases were available. Soju (Korean alcoholic beverage) and Korean Beer tent wer eat the festival as well. 

The Hawai’i Korean Chamber of Commerce, established in 1940, is one of the oldest Korean organizations in the State. The Chamber’s mission is to perpetuate goodwill within the Korean community. For more information, please visit their website at www.koreanfesthawaii.com

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