St Andrew’s Cathedral

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St Andrew’s Cathedral in downtown Honolulu represents one of the finest examples of Gothic revival architecture existing in Hawaii. St Andrew’s Cathedral was established after the passing of Prince Albert. Princess Ka‘iulani was also baptized and Queen Lili‘uokalani was cared for while residing at Washington Place.
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It took over ninety years to complete this English Gothic-style headquarters of the Episcopal diocese in Hawaii. After visiting Queen Victoria in England, Queen Emma raised $30,000 for the Anglican Church in Hawaii and to build St. Andrews Cathedral. Beretania was the Hawaiian interpretation for Britannia.

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St. Andrew’s Cathedral, owned by the Episcopal Church Diocese of Honolulu, is located at 224 Queen Emma Square, in the downtown area of Honolulu at the corner of Beretania and Queen Emma Streets. It is located next to Washington Place and directly across the street from the Hawaii State Art Museum and the nearby State Capitol building.