Martin Luther King Celebration Parade in Honolulu

The Martin Luther King Day Celebration Parade in Honolulu was held on January 21, 2019. The parade began at Magic Island and proceeded on Kalakaua Avenue through Waikiki and Kapiolani Park. The parade culminated with a unity rally celebration which included food, communityi booths, and camaraderie.

The Martin Luther King Jr Coalition is organized to promote the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday through remembrance, celebration, and action. This holiday is promoted as a day of national and community service, a time to reflect upon the principles of interracial cooperation, equality, and social change through nonviolent resolution of conflict, dedication to global peace, social justice, economic security, and the eradication of poverty as espoused by Dr. King. Efforts are made seek the involvement of business, government, labor, religious, ethnic, educational, and community service groups, as well as all segments of the civilian and military population.

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