Mission Memorial Building

fokopoint-8510 Mission Memorial Building

The Mission Memorial Building was built by the Hawaiian Evangelical Association in commemoration of the approaching centennial anniversarky of the arriving first missionaries. The city took over the building during the 1940’s and it has since been converted to the City Hall Annex. The Mission Memorial Building was designed by architect HL Kerr and was built between 1915 and 1916 to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the arrival of the American Protestant missionaries to Hawaii in 1820. It is an example of Georgian architecture.
The Georgian style denotes a British architectural period during the reign of Ann and the Four George 1702-1803 This style was to be the prominent architectural style (for major buildings) during the early republic period in the United States 1702-1830. The style was also known as Neo-Classical, and Jeffersonian Classicism, (also to be called Roman Revival). The Mission Building and its side buildings are the only examples of Jeffersonian Classicism in the State of Hawaii. These buildings encompass a unique architectural category and should be considered valuable

The Mission Memorial Building is located next to Honolulu Hale and across the street from the Hawaiian Mission Houses. The address of the Mission Memorial Building is 550 South King Street..