Washington Place

fokopoint-8832 Washington Place

Washington Place was the home of Queen Liliuokalani in 1862. Queen Liliuokalani was the last Hawaiian Queen before she was deposed by the “provisional government.” For more than 160 years, Washington Place has remained at the center of social and political life in the Hawaiian Islands since 1922, and has served as official residence for the governor of Hawaii. Read More

Old Historic Kaka’ako Fire Station

fokopoint-8806 Old Historic Kaka'ako Fire Station
The old Kaka’ako Fire Station was built in 1929 in the Spanish Mission style. The Kakaako station is unusual in that the big fire doors slide to the side rather than up. This historic building is considered to be haunted. The historic Kaka’ako fire station was active from 1929 until 1973; It is now a museum housing a fire truck strafed by the Imperial Japanese Navy’s fighter airplanes while responding to the Pearl Harbor Attacks.

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New Years Ohana Festival at Moiliili Field

fokopoint-8768 New Years Ohana Festival at Moiliili Field

The 26th annual New Years Ohana Festival took place at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii and the Moiliili Field. This event was the state’s largest festival celebrating Japanese New Year traditions. This fun-filled event featured a craft fair, food vendors, games, entertainments on two stages and cultural displays and demonstrations.

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Waikiki Spam Jam Festival 2019


Waikiki_spam_jam_festival_2019_flyer_fokopoint-RS Waikiki Spam Jam Festival 2019The Waikiki SPAM® JAM Festival celebrates 17 years of food, festivities and fun! Hawaii’s top-rated street food festival is set for April 27, 2019.

Each year, 35,000 guests and local residents gather for Hawaii’s most beloved and delicious annual event – the Waikiki SPAM® JAM Festival. Celebrating its 17th anniversary, the Waikiki SPAM® JAM Festival will fill Kalakaua Avenue with the sound of sizzling SPAM®, live music and entertainment, and excitement on Saturday, April 27, 2019 from 4 to 10 p.m.

Hawaii’s love affair with SPAM® dates back 90 years, when the pre-cooked luncheon meat was served to American military. In 2018, with billions of cans of SPAM® products sold, Hawaii continues to lead the nation in its love for SPAM® products. The most recent data suggests Hawaii residents buy nearly 7 million cans of SPAM® products per year.

Waikiki SPAM® JAM Festival attendees can enjoy a selection of SPAM® recipes from participating local restaurants and see first-hand the many ways SPAM® products can be prepared. There are twenty restaurants participating.
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Mission Memorial Building

fokopoint-8510 Mission Memorial Building

The Mission Memorial Building was built by the Hawaiian Evangelical Association in commemoration of the approaching centennial anniversarky of the arriving first missionaries. The city took over the building during the 1940’s and it has since been converted to the City Hall Annex. The Mission Memorial Building was designed by architect HL Kerr and was built between 1915 and 1916 to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the arrival of the American Protestant missionaries to Hawaii in 1820. It is an example of Georgian architecture. Read More

Royal Hawaiian Quilt

fokopoint-8526 Royal Hawaiian Quilt
Royal Hawaiian Quilt sells traditional and collectable Hawaiian Quilt products, Pau skirts, Hula supplies, apparel, and sterling silver Hawaiian Jewelry. They have two locations, one at the Royal Hawaiian Center in Waikiki, and the other location at the Surfrider Hotel. Read More

Hawaiian Mission Houses

fokopoint-8520 Hawaiian Mission Houses
The Hawaiian Mission Houses are the oldest standing western structures in Hawaii. Built between 1821 and 1841, the timbers for the first house were cut and fitted in Boston. The initial house introduced New England style architecture to Hawaii. Originally utilized as housing for the missionaries, the buildings exist today as living house museums open to the public. Read More

Eternal Flame Memorial

fokopoint-8476 Eternal Flame Memorial

The Eternal Flame Memorial in downtown Honolulu honors Hawaii’s men and women who served in the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy and Marines in major and minor conflicts.  It was designed by Akaji Bumpei and erected in 1974. Since its installation, its gas flame torch has been burning brightly and steadfast as a constant memorial.

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