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Royal Hawaiian Band at Iolani Palace

The Royal Hawaiian Band was founded in 1836 by King Kamehameha III, and is the only band in the United States with a royal legacy. The band’s mission is to promote and foster music, both current and historic, to preserve the Hawaiian musical culture, inspire young musicians and ultimately enrich the lives of the people …

Iolani Barracks

The Iolani Barracks was built in 1871 to house the Royal Guards and household troops. Built partially from salvaged coral blocks and blocks cut with prison labor, the Iolani Barracks structure contains an open courtyard surrounded by rooms once used by the guards as a mess hall, kitchen, dispensary, berth room, and lockup. Iolani Barracks …

Kanaina Building, the old Archives Building

The Kanaina Building is the old Archives Building and was built in 1906. It was the first building in the U.S. erected solely for the custody and preservation of public archive materials. It was restored in 1987 and now houses the administrative offices of The Friends of Iolani Palace.

Iolani Bandstand

The lolani Bandstand was erected in front of the lolani Palace in 1883 as a pavilion for the coronation of King Kalakaua. The bandstand, also known as Keliiponi Hale, was first built directly in front of the King Street entrance to the Palace as the shelter for the coronation of both King Kalakaua and Queen …

Iolani Palace

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